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To strengthen its programmes  FOPDEV needs to set up new operational systems so that data from the field can be colated and analysed in order to identify needs and trends.This data can be used for advocating and lobbying for change and local and national levels,or for funding purposes.

To strengthen older people’s groups and community’s capacity to care for older people FOPDEV  needs to work strategically with local authorities and local government to meet the needs of older people by including them in local community planning, and to monitor the efficacy of policy implementation.

To ensure that older people’s voices are heard FOPDEV needs to connect older people’s groups to service providers and policy makers as well as civil society organisations working in advocacy.

  • To improve the financial sustainability of the organisation FOPDEV  needs to explore different funding sources.Social Enterprise is one area which FOPDEV is investigating.
  • To improve the sustainability of activities FOPDEV will also be promoting the training of community leaders in capacity building.
  • To develop the capacity of older people and the community to care for its elderly.
  • To raise awareness of the issues.
  • To develop a collaborative network.
  • To mobilise funds and resources to meet these ends.
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Now aday we have 4 programs cover 4 Older  issue such as income security (Economic),Capacity Building (Man Skill),Disaster Risk Reduction(DDR),Health Care/Home Care (Health and Social Enterprise)

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Improved CSO technical, operational and management capacities to raise awareness of older people’s rights and advocate for national policies and legislations promoting income security in old age

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Capacity building activities, networking, advocacy campaigns, meetings with policy makers, research, participation in regional events

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To strengthen community based organisations (CBO) capacity to promote consolidation and expansion of the rights of older people, and the Disasters Risk Reduction (DRR).

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FOPDEV trains volunteer home-helpers in the city of Chiang Mai to encourage independent living for disadvantaged older people and to lighten the burden on family caregivers.

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VOP-V8-Cover“The Voice of Older People” is a magazine that voice out the voiceless disadvantaged older people. It’s aims to present and reflecting the older people issues, including the stories are related and useful information from local level to national level and world wide.

 “The Voice of Older People communicated with people, organization and older people themself to raise awareness on older people situations and issues, make people understanding the roles of older people, to empowering, building capacity of older people associations and communities enlarge to wider society for changing into better.
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