Pilot disaster risk reduction for people in Chiang Rai 2-3 Feb 2015

Disasters have a negative impact on the lives of people, so to create awareness and provide community recognizes the importance of preparation and preparedness mitigate disaster risks especially for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children, pregnant women… FOPDEV held meetings in Padad sub districts (February 2, 2015) and Wiang Suai sub districts (Febeuary 3, 2015), Mae Suai district, Chiang Rai province to select the pilot villages in disaster prevention.

Attending the meeting were representatives of The President of the Elderly district level, sub district level, Director of Hospital Health Promotion, Members of sub district… This is also the first step is a very important step in the progress of the project is to support the community and the elderly on disaster risk reduction. The Sub districts Padad and Wiang Suai in Chiang Rai province where frequent natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, strom, landslides… make the life of people very difficult, especially for older people.

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FOPDEV staffs provide basic information about the disaster to the people in Padad

Discuss the effects of disasters in local

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During the meeting, FOPDEV staffs presented basic content of disasters, natural disasters and the effects of it. Also introduced in the organization of the FOPDEV and support activities to prevent disasters in some parts of the project was conducted in Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son … and the role of the elderly in disaster risk reduction. Most of the original ideas are not fully understand the role and activities of elderly people can do to prevent disasters in the community but the supply of information and the exchange and sharing of project staffs, the people understand and support the implementation of projects in the province. To select pilot village projects staff to local people to discuss difficult issues, the impact of natural disasters in their locality and then voted to select 2 village in each sub districts, with sub district Padad are villages of 12 and 16, in the Wiang Suai are villages 2 and 14.

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Project staff support for a group discussion

Vote for the pilot villages on Disaster risk reduction

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After selected the project villages DRR by community residents, FOPDEV has surveyed the situation of the project area to prepare for the next step of the project. Certainly the determination of the elderly here with the support of the staff FOPDEV project will successfully reduce disaster risks to people.


By. Minh Phuc

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Meeting with older people group in villages

The consensus of the elderly in Wiang Suai sub district