Now aday we have 4 programs cover 4 Older  issue such as income security (Economic),Capacity Building (Man Skill),Disaster Risk Reduction(DDR),Health Care/Home Care (Health and Social Enterprise)

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Income Security (Economic) Improved CSO technical, operational and management capacities to raise awareness of older people’s rights and advocate for national policies and legislations promoting income security in old age

Capacity Building Capacity building activities, networking, advocacy campaigns, meetings with policy makers, research, participation in regional events

Disaster Risk Reducetion To strengthen community based organisations (CBO) capacity to promote consolidation and expansion of the rights of older people, and the Disasters Risk Reduction (DRR).

Volunteer Base Home Care FOPDEV trains volunteer home-helpers in the city of Chiang Mai to encourage independent living for disadvantaged older people and to lighten the burden on family caregivers.