Volunteering Opportinity

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          The volunteer Programme os designed to provide opportunities for individuals or groups to gain practical experience working in a grassroots NGO environment while contriting to ward the outputs of FOPDEV. In addition, FOPDEV hopes to promite a greater understanding of the problems, challenges, and opportunities relating to the situations faced by disadvantaged older persons, and to provide opportunities for lerning how FOPDEV is involved in addressing these. Having empathy and a desire to serve disadvantaged older persons, not necessarily pervious experience in working with older persons, is a pre-requisite for volunteering with FOPDEV. Volunteers are free to choose beginning and ending dates for their work with FOPDEV, according to their availability and FOPDEV’s schedule. Volunteer opportunities vary within the organization – with some requiring a long term commitment (3+ months) and a large amount of responsibility, and others requiring a short term commitment or periodic particacation. Assignments will ne mutually agreed upon depending on the interests,skill, and experiences of the volunteer and the spacific needs of FOPDEV. Volunteers will consult and work directly with relevant programme coordinators and the Executive Director on projecrs.


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